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European-based eCommerce/AI Automation agency.

So, you’ve decided to launch a webshop?

Welcome to MITA Group, the leading Full-Service eCommerce Agency.

We help brands drive more sales since 1997. Share your vision with us, and we will develop strategy, create content, code a web store, and generate sales using the best PPC advertising strategies and channels.

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Full service eCommerce agency

We develop powerful, fast, responsive, and highly optimised online stores.

The online store is the most important part of your business. Getting it right from the start is crucial. We will focus on great design, highlighting your products, optimising your store and single product pages, and simplifying the checkout process.

Webshop development
Webshop design

We design beautiful websites and online stores that drive sales.

The layout of your webshop (UI) and the way that customers navigate through the page (UX) communicate directly with your customers, providing them with all of the vital information about the products your business offers.

Automate and improve customer inquiries with AI Automation.

We're here to help your Business grow by eliminating repetitive tasks, saving time, money and energy. Leave this work to artificial intelligence that will answer questions 24/7, send prices, and sell products and services on your behalf.

Webshop content production
Webshop advertising design

We design adverts, promo materials and HTML banners that drive results

Visual identity and content will differentiate you from the competitors, attract attention and convert better than anything else.

We help clients drive more bookings and sales with digital, PPC advertising.

Our paid media experts will work to develop a strategy and approach that will help you achieve sales goals with less advertising money spent.

Web shop PPC advertising
Webshop SEO strategy

We create powerful SEO strategies to rank your online store on Google.

The best industry experts will help you create the best strategy to list your web store on the first page of Search Engine Results (SEO) without additional payment

We create customer support, loyalty programs and social media strategies to increase your sales

Sales have moved online, and social media is the most common place where customers first come into contact with a brand or advertisement. Our strategies are based on detailed analyses of large amounts of data and vast experience.

Webshop social media
Webshop consulting

We advise based on three decades of experience and provide ongoing support.

Based on desktop research and three decades of experience, we will determine how your online store should look, which products, at what price, and to which target group it is best to sell your products.

We produce content that will engage and convert visitors into customers.

Online success depends on the stories you write, testimonials, photos and videos you produce and share on your online store, blog or social media.

Webshop content production

Helping brands drive more sales since 1997:

€50+ million

generated sales
growth for our clients


generated sales


created ads

We Know Better
Than Anyone Else

What the optimal campaign period is;

after that, the number of leads drops, and acquisition cost rises;

The percentage of all visits and leads

coming from mobile phones;

The part of an ad customers do not like,

when potential customers stop viewing video ads, and how to improve video ad conversion;

The difference

in conversation rates of video ads and simple animations;

The percentage of leads generated

within the first 5 days of the campaign, and the percentage of leads generated after that;

The most effective web banners,

and the second best ones;

The best ratio between Google Display and Premium ads

on web portals, and ads with the best conversion rate and conversion cost;

Which digital channels

work for different target groups.